On the date of 24 September, the youth of Kokstad Diocese gathered together in Kokstad to celebrate the Heritage Day. Priests and Sisters also attended the celebrations which took place at St Patrick’s Hall. It was a very exciting day. Youth were encouraged to be proclaimers of the Word and educators of faith. They were invited to take the message of Jesus in their hearts, to obey God’s commandments and bringing Jesus to the people. They were also invited to be men and women of prayer and to lead by example since the future of the Church, the country and the family in particular depend on them. ” Youth of today are the family of tomorrow”, added one of the facilitators.
After all the speeches were made, attendees shared meals together then each parish’s youth, performed few activities which they had prepared for the day,  after which the national anthem was sung followed by the final blessing by Fr Dominic M. Jakuja.
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