There is more than me inside me

It is, indeed true that deep inside me there is more than me. One can understand this by simple knowing his or her senses which, which most people are taking them for granted. This is the Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.34.45 AMrealisation of oneself who really contemplate or reflect upon his or her life. By reflecting, pondering, gazing and contemplating, one can understand that deep inside ‘there is more than me’.

We are living in the world where lot of things are happening. People have no time to reflect upon their lives because of the noise or many things happening around them. In this case, I realised one thing about reflection, which by reflecting deep inside my heart there is more than me.

In order for one to know deep inside in his or her heart, one has to use senses instead of using mind (thinking) during reflection. Senses are the things that we are all aware of and can even explain. We should know what we are sensing that is different from what we are thinking since thinking is the process of mind or being conscious of something.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.35.36 AM

Senses are not from the mind only but rather from the whole body more like as feelings and emotions. For example, we are sensing is when we: taste. In this manner, one should learn that when he or she is meditating, he or she should be aware of what he or she is sensing. ‘I sense that I am’ meaning this should be from the ‘being’ not from the ‘I’ which is from the head or consciousness. In spirituality, ‘being’ is from deep down not from mind. For instance looking at the second picture, the red spot indicates the ‘being’. This shows us that there is more than ‘I’ deep inside me. Therefore, in this case, I learnt to always write down what I observe not what I am thinking.

Questions to reflect on.

  1. What am I sensing now?
  2. With what am I satisfied?
  3. With what I am less satisfied?
  4. What would help me to answer these question?

Article by Mohapi Katleho Christopher.      Written on 10 March 201

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