On Friday 15 July Bishop Zolile P. Mpambani SCJ led the Eucharistic celebration of the final profession of Sr Busisiwe Lucia Hlomani FCSCJ at the Holy Spirit Parish in Flagstaff.

The procession started at 10h.00 AM from the convent to the Church via school compound and it was led by drum majorettes followed by parishioners and the clergy. It was a moment and day of joy for the whole parish in Flagstaf and the Diocese at large.

Readings for the Holy Mass celebration were taken from the books of Isaih 43:1-5; Romans 9;12-18; Mathew 11:25-30.

In his homily, the Bishop assured God’s protection to the candidate and to all who were present referring himself to the words of Isaiah.“I am the Lord your God, the Holy one of Israel your saviour…”(Isaiah 43:3). He also mentioned to the faithful that God does not send a person without granting him/her strength, knowledge, and power to do His work. We also should not be afraid when God calls us because as he assured protection and guidance to Moses and Samuel he is probably able to do the same even to us whom he has called into his vineyard to work as brothers and sisters.

But since the journey might look challenging, the Bishop went on by referring himself to the word of Jesus in the Gospel encouraging the faithful to come to Jesus with all their burdens and he will give them rest. “…Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soul…”. Mt 12:28. We should come to him and not let him go because once we let him go we may not reach our destination. Addressing the candidate, the bishop encouraged her to keep in her heart all the values(love, humility, respects…) she was taught by her parents, community, brothers, sisters and friends.

In this regard, Jesus should be an eye which enlightens all Christian faithful. All of us should have our light from Him. And we are called to take this light and use it to enlighten our homes and communities. Once our homes, groups and communities come across the light of Jesus, we can therefore be able to live in mutual love as the family of Nazareth (Jesus, Mary and Joseph). People should devote themselves to this love. As Christians, our greatest task is to put this love into practice.

The Bishop added also that prayer, love and devotion are among the good factors to boost love in our families and communities. We should always put these elements into practice if we want to build a community based on love and in so doing our love will be a sincere one. Love should be taught and encouraged to the people at our homes, groups and communities.

As we are all called to live together in love and joy, we should also make an effort to rejoice with those who are rejoicing and to show support to those who are in sorrow and not to be aloof from them. We should help them to find a way out to their problems or challenges and not gossip about them. Gossip is unkind and will never bring a solution to the challenge that is facing the neighbour.

We should be good and show support to one another because our life is the one of relationship. We do not have to allow the spirit of wickedness dwell in our minds since we know that there will be times of joy, doubt, sorrow, tears, asking oneself many questions or time of running away because of the challenges of life. But in such time we should remember that God is with us and loves us.

And if in such time it happens that I have offend somebody through my words or actions let me ask for forgiveness. In case that I am the one who was offended let me, be ready to forgive. This is what we should be doing in our different communities and as married couples. There are three important words that we should always put into practice to keep the flame of love burning in our societies, communities or homes: Please, Thank you, Sorry. This applied to married and none married couple. These words may sound difficult but are important and helpful to people who are living in the community and family. His holiness Pope Francis made this year to be the Year of mercy so that all of us can forgive and ask for forgiveness from one another.

Finally, turning to the candidate, the Bishop once more encouraged her through the word of God in the book of Isaiah saying that when Challenges come on your side you must always remember that God’s assurance is that “…I the Lord am your God , the Holy one of Israel, I am your Saviour…Do not be afraid for I am with you” Isaiah(Isaiah 43:3;5).


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