Each year the Diocese of Kokstad organizes a pilgrimage in Maria Telgte. This year, the weather condition was not suitable to begin the prayer at the right time. The rain started early before noon. This situation never stopped people to come in numbers for prayer as they usually have been done previously.

The service started at 13h.00 pm in the afternoon despite the weather condition. Bro P. Mbhata who opened the prayer service with a penitential service invited people to meet with Jesus at the confessional by encouraging them how it is important for one to open his/her heart to Jesus so as to receive forgiveness and healing. The penitential service ended with the prayer of the Rosary with meditation on the seven sorrows of Mary. This was followed by a healing Mass led by Frs T. Letsolha and M. Jakuja. The Evening Mass started at 19h.00 pm led by Rt Rev Bishop Thadeus Khumalo of Eshowe Diocese followed by many other spiritual activities which were finalized by the Sunday morning Mass that took place at 4h.00 Am.

In his Homily, at the Evening, the Bishop invited all the faithful to be like Mary the Mother of God who said: “…I am the servant of the Lord, let it be done according to your will.” Luke 1:38. He stated that Christian faithful should be also like Mary. They should let the will of God be done in their lives and not their own will. He invited the people to often be patient and not in a hurry while dealing with certain issues in their lives. They should have their minds and hearts open to God in order to let His will be done in decisions they make in their lives.

In his Homily at the morning Mass, Fr M. Ngcobo invited people to put their faith in action not only by words but also by good works. As Christians they should preach the Gospel both by words and actions. In doing this they can come closer to God and God in his turn can come closer to them. “We get known as children of God by others through our work” he said. He also added that God has given us this opportunity to come to Telgte for pilgrimage so that by outpouring his Spirit on us we get healed from our wounds and go back to our homes and heal others. “God wants to change us and use us to change others in return.” He said. This is how we can make the work of God visible among his people. Jesus, the Son of God is a very good example to us. His words were always accompanied by good actions. This started before the beginning of his ministry. He used his talents and strength to help his foster Father Joseph in the carpentry. And in his ministry, he always led by example in practicing what he was preaching. He also invited people to imitate Jesus by exploring their talents and strength and put them into action so as to let the image and glory of God be seen to those who seek him and those who are still walking in darkness.

Finally he urged people to accept to be transformed by God so that they can also be instruments of transformation to others as they go back home at the end of the pilgrimage.

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