Iindaba # 071

8th September 2010

 1.  Forth Coming Events

  1. 6th of September meeting of Consulters of Diocese.  Fr Mariano, Fr Francis Lemao, Fr Joseph Methanath, Fr Bongani Mbhele, Fr Mawethu Potolwana, Fr Tabang Letsohla.
  2. September 8th , Bishop in Pretoria for Family Life Desk.
  3. September 9th, Bishop in Pretoria , Pastoral Agencies.
  4. September 12th , opening , blessing of the New Church of St Anthony in Makhoaseng, Parish priest, Fr Clement.
  5. 19th of September, opening, blessing of the New Church of St Martin De Porres at Mngeni in Chibini, parish priest, Fr Sihle.
  6. September 20th , lecture on the Spirituality of the Scriptures at St Augustine University Bishop.
  7. 22nd of September, meeting of the Metropolitan Bishops in Durban.
  8. 23rd  of September, meeting of Bishops with the major religious superiors, Durban.
  9. 24th of September, talk on the history of the church to the Youth executive of the diocese by Bishop.  Meeting, chaired by Fr Sihle.
  10.  24th September to the 26th of September, St Anne’s Diocesan retreat.
  11.  26th to the 30th of September, retreat for the priests of the Archdiocese of Durban, Bishop.
  12. l.         2nd of October pilgrimage to Maria Telgte of the Diocese and Our Lady of the Rosary. Arrival between 4 and 5 pm Saturday, Night Vigil, program attached to this Iindaba.  
  13.   3rd of October, the Parish Feast at Tabankulu.
  14.  October the 4th meeting of the Priests  at Coolock, that  is 4th to the 7th of October.
  15.  9th of October Family life Desk meeting in Pretoria.
  16.  10th of October, Confirmation in St Matthews, Makhoba.
  17.  October the 17th Confirmation in Lower Mnceba, Tabankulu.
  18.  19th of October, meeting regarding the Ministry of Lumko.
  19.  23rd of October Sr Joana’s Jubilee in Matatiele.
  20.  24th of October confirmation in Bizana.
  21.  2nd of November to the 6th, Board meeting of SACBC in Pretoria.
  22.  8th of November consulters meeting in Kokstad.
  23.   November the 14th confirmation at Franklin.
  1. Yondl’abantu

We all familiar with Sinosizo which worked with orphans, the ill and the suffering throughout the diocese.  Sinosizo has been in operation now for about 11 years.  It has trained great numbers of Home based carers and counsellors.

Sinosizo’s name has now been changed to Yondl’abantu. The present director is Kevin McGarry.  Kevin and his family live in Kokstad.  From the office here Kevin with the faithful staff of Yondl’abantu direct the work through the diocese.  We have about 150 people who care for the needy.

A new development is that through cooperation with the Department of Public Works we have money to offer employment and to train unemployed people.  All the Home based carers working with Yondl’abantu will be paid and trained from these funds.

Apart from that Yondl’abantu has taken on other workers to train them  in skills. It is hoped that in January 2011 we will open the Shayamoya skill centre.  This will provide all kinds of training and will be under the direction of Yondl’abantu.  Groups like tender loving care will have offices there to care for those who are ill. Yondl’abantu itself will have offices at Shayamoya.  The large Creche already present will be greatly expanded,–the Principal is Mrs Silangwe.  There will also be a new church, the church of Blessed Joseph Nardini. Kitchens will cater for all and a centre for elderly people to meet daily will offer residents of the single room houses to meet in peace.

This beautiful new centre in Shayamoya is being built by Respond Ireland.  However, the diocese is responsible for the church.

  1. On the 18th of May we had a farewell party for Joy van Dyk who gave Invaluable service in the Finance Department for many years.  Joy drove over from Matatiele each week to administer our finances, cars and insurance.  She was always strictly honest, reliable and most helpful.  The diocese expresses its sincere appreciation to Joy.
  1. We welcome back Father Lizo Nontshe with his Degree from the Angelicum University  in Rome.   Fr Lizo has taken up the position as the administrator of the Cathedral in Kokstad.
  1. Fr Joseph has been appointed parish priest at Franklin.  Fr Francis Appiah Kubi will be assistant priest in Lusikisiki and Fr Patrick Kofi Boadu is assistant in Bizana.
  1. The Diocese conveyed its sympathies with the diocese of Qacha’s Nek in Lesotho with the passing of Bishop Bitsoane on the 19th of July. The Bishop attended the funeral on the 7th of August.
  1. The Cathedral celebrated and give thanks to Fr Joseph for his 12 years of service as administrator on the 15th of August.  People are deeply appreciative of the wonderful work that Joe has done.  Everywhere around the Cathedral you see the hand of Fr Joseph.  The Cathedral has been renovated and re-painted. A tiled roof has placed on the Cathedral, the hall and the sisters’ house.  Fr Joe is responsible for the fencing all around the whole parish area. The clean bricked pavement around the lawn, in front of the convent was another project.

Apart from being an excellent and caring priest Fr Joseph was creative in Liturgy in decorating the church, involving the people in the work of the parish.  It is now a striving parish due to his work.  Joe is being recalled by his congregation to India.  He is a great lost to the whole diocese to the bishop and to the whole community of Kokstad.

  1. The diocese has lost many wonderful committed catholic apostolic people during this year.  We lost Patience Nogabe in April.  Patience was a founding member of Sinosizo and trained many of the care workers.   We lost Mr Mkhumbuzi the rock behind the finance committee of the diocese under the parish of Lusikisiki.   We lost Ivy Rose Qhayiso of Brooksnek who was a catholic teacher, leader of the Franciscan Third Order, and children of Mary and St Anne’s in the diocese.We also lost Mrs Nakin, an outstanding catholic teacher and member of Catholic Institute of Education. Deep sympathy with Fr Melese on the recent passing of his sister in Ethiopia.
  1. The Diocese extends sincere sympathy to  Andile and Nokwanda and the Mkafane family, on the passing of their father, catechist Patrick Mkafane.  Everybody in Kokstad knew Mr Mkafane.  People rememeber him as a most generous and hard working catechist since 1952.  He began working for the church in Umtata.  He has worked with generations of priests in Bhongweni.  Mr Mkafane traveled by foot, sometimes by horse, sometimes by bicycle, sometimes by motorcycle, sometimes by motorcar to all the areas around building up and strengthening the catholic communities.  He was active and involved in the church right down to the time of his death.  Patrick was laid to rest at his residence in Brooksnek in August.  The Bishop and priests attended to wish goodbye and appreciation for a man to whom the whole diocese owes so much.  May God give the eternal rest to him.
  1.   From the 11th of June to the 11th of July we had the excitement of the World cup in South Africa.  While it did not impact on Kokstad in the sense of an influx of visitors, it occasioned unending interest and discussion.  We thank God for blessing our country with peace and giving us a picture of what South Africa can be.
  1.  We thank God for the opening and blessings of new churches. At Mkhata, the church of St Michael was opened on the 18th of July.  Congratulations to Fr Silindile Yalezo who pioneered the work there.

July 25th we had the opening of the church of Dayimani in Bizana, dedicated to St Joseph.  Fr Vincent began that work and it was successfully completed by the parish priest, Fr Tabang Letsohla.

  1.  For 8 weeks during July and August we had young people from Ireland again working throughout the diocese to improve facilities.  They have been inspired by Jesuit schools in Ireland and accompanied by Fr Terry Howard SJ.  The Association is known as Sli Eile.  These  young people are waiting for their Matric results before going on to University.  Instead of wasting money on parties, they use their money to come here to establish relationships and make facilities available for  people.  This year they built two beautiful classrooms at Glen Edward Secondary School in the area of Swartberg.  They stayed in Matatiele. This illustrates how the Jesuit priests are the fathers of inspired and whole-person educationalists and formators. The diocese expresses sincere gratitude for this inspiring work.
  1. Perhaps a highlight of the recent months in our diocese was a visit of the relics of St Therese of Lisieux from the 25th to the 29th of July.  On Sunday the 25th of July Fr Joseph, Mr Errol Khan and Jonathan Meth went to Barclay East in the diocese of Aliwal North to welcome the Saint and accompany her to Kokstad.

They allowed the people of Elliot  to venerate the remains of one of the great Saints of the Church.  Sunday evening the remains resided in the Cathedral in Kokstad. The following day saw a devout celebration in Matatiele with many people attending.

On Tuesday the 27th crowds attended at Hardenberg.  Though it was a week-day there was no space in the church and many people waited outside.  St Therese seemed to have touch many hearts.  Later we went for another celebration at Cedarville and throngs of people came to visit.  The day concluded with the celebration of the Word of God in Mt Ayliff.

That night the  Poor Clare Sisters held a vigil at the monastery.

On Wednesday the 28th the people of Franklin and Swartberg came to the Poor Clares.  All afternoon the Cathedral community gathered to receive St Therese and remained for a night vigil.

Father Joseph used the opportunity to close the Diocesan Year of the Priests at the six o’clock Mass on Wednesday evening.  Most priests came to celebrate with the Bishops.  The Parish Council and Fr Joe presented all the priests with specially designed stoles. These were offered to the priests by the children’s classes which prayed for them individually during the previous year.

The following day St Therese was taken to Bizana where Sr Jerome Ngcobo, the staff and all the children came to pay respects in a beautiful reverent and prayerful ceremony to their patroness St Therese.

From Bizana the remains of St Theresa were taken to Port Shepstone and the Diocese of Umzimkulu.

  1. On the 9th of August the Plenary session of the Bishops and the Priests of Natal met for a ceremony closing the Year of the Priests in Ixopo.  Special feature of this celebration was the remembrance of the first four Zulu priests.  These priests led by Fr Mnganga, suffered in that racial time for their vocation and for their witness.  A new stone was blessed at the grave of Fr Mnganga at Mariathal Mission.
  1.  The 15th of August it was the celebration of the feast of the parish of Cedarville, Our Lady of Assumption.  Fr Zanemvula organized the weekend for all his parishioners from Friday to Sunday.

During this time of prayer and reflection the Marriage Desk introduced the topic of family and Marriage life and the Justice and Peace commission under Fr Robert presented the work of Justice and Peace.  The Bishop led the Mass on the Feast itself.

  1.  Fr Robert has revived the Justice and Peace committee of the diocese and given it a tremendous boost of new life.  Fr and his team are conducting a survey of economic conditions in the villages. It is partly financed by the Diocese and partly by Yondl’abantu.

Many priests have found parishioners to work with Fr Robert in this important exercise.  All priests are encouraged to get involved with Fr Robert in this work.

  1.   Fr Paul Kambo is the assistant priest in Mount Ayliff.  We are so happy to welcome him to the diocese.  He is learning Xhosa and is agreat addition to the apostolic work in that area.  Fr Paul will act as co-ordinator of  Liturgy for the whole diocese.


  1.   We welcome back Fr John Kerr and Fr Egbert on the 20th of August from holiday overseas.  We are happy to welcome back our brothers who are in a special way our memory in the history and life of the diocese.  Fr Egbert has been here since 1952 and Fr John since 1959.
  1.   The Bishop conducted confirmation services in Lusikisiki and in Matatiele during the Month of August.
  1. The prisons staff of Kokstad met at the Cathedral on the 24th of August in a special service of the word.   100 people attended.  This was facilitated by Jonathan Meth from the Diocesan Prison desk.

It is very important for a priest to invite Jonathan so that we establish a program for family and marriage life everywhere.  It’s obvious that our marriages in the diocese very much need better preparation, renewal, motivation, inspiration, healing and guidance.

We appreciate Jonathan for his work in the prisons and in family life work and we encourage all our priests to avail of his services

  1. The Bishop preached at the week of the Christian unity at the Anglican Church on the 13th of May.  Later  in August he preached at the Power of Love Church to the Charismatic churches in town.

Due to the generosity of the finance committee at the Cathedral parish the bishop has been able to move to a new house at the Cathedral.  This has been a project of the priests and consulters of the diocese for many years and has now been realized.  It means that the bishop in the future will have his own private house.

22. We said goodbye to Barney Shiel and Isabel Fey both volunteers from Ireland who worked for two years throughout the diocese.  They worked with Friends in Ireland and they have provided wonderful facilities at Lusikisiki, at Makhoba, Chibini, Mt Zion, at Ludeke, at Mfundisweni and at Franklin.  They have provided hospices for the children care, kitchens, gardens, social centers where people can get care.  They go back to Ireland and we wish them every blessing and thank God for their presence among us.

  1. 23. OCTOBER IS MISSION MONTH (Pontifical Mission Society)

Dear Fathers

The collection for Mission Month is increasing annually.  In 2008 a total of R5190. 85 was collected from all the parishes.

In 2009 the amount collected increased to R26,491.00.

The following parishes contributed – can we equal or better this now?

Kokstad                                    R10,000.00

Bhongweni                                   3,360.40

Mount Frere                                    690.00

Makhoaseng                                    150.00

Makhoba                                         120.00

Maria Telgte                                    500.00

Flagstaff                                         1000.00

Lusikisiki                                       2110.00

Taylorville                                     2072.00

Matatiele                                          800.00

Tabankulu                                        992.00

Anon                                               6806.00

Poster and envelopes are available

Thank you                          Lorna


“Planted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith” (Col 2:7)

Greetings in the Risen Lord!

I have pleasure in enclosing the most recent information regarding the World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid received from the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

The World Youth Day in 2011 which will take place from 15-21 August 2011 will consist of three parts, namely:

.  Days in the Dioceses of Spain during the previous week of the main event in Madrid.

.  Catechesis / Youth Festival in Madrid from 15-19 August 2011.

.  Night Vigil and Papal Mass on 20/21 August 2011.

All pilgrims will require an entry visa for Spain.  More information can be obtained via the internet by surfing the website of the World Youth Day 2011.

25.  Sodalities, the Amadodana had their retreat in May and Couples for Christ met with the National teams in Glenmore in Durban on the 7th of September.  We appreciate the work of Couples for Christ in animating marriage life in our diocese and congratulate Mr Peter Napier who directs the movement throughout the country.

26. The pilgrimage to Maria Telgte on the 2nd of October.  Let us encourage our people to come together for healing , sense of unity, for commitment to Mary, for prayer in Telgte this year.

Pilgrimage to Maria Telgte  – 2nd of October

Faith and Life; Behold the Handmaid of the Lord.

Service                                   Priest                           Choir           

6:00 Penitential Service – Fr Silindile Yalezo    Lusikisiki

7:30 Way of the Cross – St Annes, St Annes

8:30  Intshumayelo – Fr Zanemvula, Cedarville

Ukudumisa  uMariya

9:30 Rosary & Procession, Sisters

10.30. Healing service & Fr Mawethu – Hardenberg

Benediction -Potolwana

12:30 Working for Jesus – Fr Robert

Justice & Peace

1:00    Imvuselelo – Abaphathi


4:00  I Missa                             Bishop                         Flagstaff


  1. Moving microphone….. Fr Joseph
  2. Slides.  The Way of the Cross,  Fr Mariano
  3. Shop   Nontsikelelo Mokoena
  4. Confession – to be held at the Veranda of the hall     Fr John
  5. Holy water prepared by Mr Jojo
  6. Box for petitions  Sisters from Maria Telgte
  7. Altar flowers, Statues     Sisters & Children of Maria Telgte

8.  Altar Boys                     Fr Sihle Mbhele

9   Master of Ceremonies;  Fr Francis Lemao.

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