Iindaba # 068

8th September 2009
1.     Dates to remember
a.     Echoing the Word 5th of September
b.     Sister Jacobalda celebrated her golden jubilee this year in Germany . The Cathedral Parish celebrates with her on the 5th of September.
c.     Same date the Diocesan Sacred Heart Sodality with Fr Sizwe had their annual retreat at Bhongweni and The St Annes of the Region met at Mount Ayliff
d.     7th and 8th of September, the Bishop will be in Durban for the Metropolitan meeting.
e.      September 9th to 11th the Bishop will be Pretoria as Chair of the Department of Evangelization.
f.       Day of Recollection will be on the 8th of September at the Poor Clares, the Leader will be Father Vincent.
g.     The Bishop will visit Ncumbe abd Franklin , Sunday the 13th of September.
h.     19th of September, Fr Bani will be consecrated Bishop of Leribe in Lesotho, this is Fr Lemao’s diocese. The Bishop will attend the ordination with Fr Francis.
We also congratulate the new Archbishop of Maseru, Archbishop             Lerotholi .
i.        24th September Adam Musalek will be consecrated Bishop of De Aar.
j.        28th of September, confirmation at Emvalweni.
k.     22nd of September, the bishop will give the lecture on the Eucharist in the Franciscan tradition at St Augustine University in Johannesburg.
l.        28th of September the Consultors will meet at 9:30, the priests will meet to discuss Canon Law with Fr Vincent at 11:00 on the same day Monday 28th.
a. October 1st , Yondlabantu meeting at Kokstad. They are building the new centre at Hardenberg and soon starting a complex at Shayamoya.
This complex will include the building of the new church, which the diocese will contribute to.
b.     Pilgrimage to Telgte on the 3rd and 4th of October, Saturday night, the 3rd. It is very important that the people arrive in time. People should arrive by five o’clock to begin on time at 6 o’clock on Saturday.
c.     October 4th, Feast of St Francis of Assisi, is the Parish feast of Tabankulu.
d.     The Bishop will conduct retreat for the priests of Namibia from the 5th to the 14th of October.
e.      Remember, note that 12th to the 15th we will meet at Coolock.
f.       16th of October, Echoing the Word course.
g.     18th of October the bishop will be in Lusikisiki.
h.     19th of October there will be induction of school at Bizana. Bishop will go and explain the Ethos of a Catholic School.
i.        20th of October there will be a day of recollection for the priests at the Poor Clares, it will be conducted by Fr Silindile.
j.        23rd and 24th of October the Bishop will attend the meeting of REAP in Cape Town.
k.     25th of October there will be confirmation in the Cathedral in Kokstad.
a.      November 1st the bishop will be in Lusikisiki.
b.     3rd to 6th of November Board meeting of the SACBC.
c.     8th of November, Maria Telgte confirmation.
d.     15th to 20th of November the priests Retreat will be held at Bluff.
e.      22nd of November, the Feast of Christ the King, Mount Ayliff.
2.     The most traumatic event of the past months was the sudden departure of Fr Tom who died on the 12th of August. He is someone who laboured faithfully for our diocese for 57 years. He worked at Mt Ayliff, Bizana, Bhongweni, Franklin.
He also helped out for short period in other places. Fr Tom was a most reliable and committed priest. The enormous crowd at his funeral and devout participationof the people was palpable. We thank God for this great priest who lived among us and thank the Franciscan family and his natural family in Ireland.
His sister and two nephews and two nieces attended his funeral.
3.     Remember that September the 13th is Catechetical Sunday, you will find something from Fr Mariano about it in the Inkwenkwezi. Please, please take the Inkwenkwezi and encourage people very strongly to buy this paper and have some catholic literature in their home.
Do celebrate Catechetical Sunday and express gratitude and blessing to all those who teach Catechism.
We thank in a special way Sister Francina, Michael Khumalo, Nombini   and the team for their work throughout the diocese.
Please make sure that you support them and know when they come.
4.     Please pray for the Synod of Africa, the representatives of the Bishops of Africa will meet in Rome to discuss the Word of God and how to make its message felt more keenly in Africa.
5.     September the 4th Fr Lizo Nontshe left to study in Rome. He will study at the Angelicum spiritual and pastoral theology. Get his phone number and give him an occasional ring.
We were happy to greet Fr George during the July break from his studies in California. Our priests are traveling this year. Fr Joe and Fr Zanemvula went to India; Fr Joe joined Sister Jacobalda for her Jubilee in Germany.
Fr Vincent spent 3 weeks in Florence in Rome in Italy and came back with new sartorial fashions.
We hope tpo welcome to the diocesee two young Ghanain priests from the Archdiocese of Kumasi then their visas are ready.
6.     Fr Thabang will act as vocation director in the absence of Fr Lizo during the coming year. Please refer to Thabang any candidates for the diocesan priesthood. At the moment there may be four candidates for next year. Let us support them in everyway possible.
Fr Lizo, Mr Denge and Mrs Madikizela represented us at the National    Forum of the Church at Botha’s Hill on the 8th of August.
They will now report back to the executive of the DPC at the meeting     to be convened by Fr Bongani.
7.     I was very happy to make a week of visits to different parts of the parish of Mount Frere and meet the people in station churches. I went to four different sessions with Fr Mariano and it was very enjoyable and helpful for Bishop and People. I’m open to having meetings of this kind organized for other parishes as well. This is an opportunity to meet the people. It is true that during the week some are absent, but it is good to visit those who are there.
8.     I was very happy with confirmation ceremonies that we had in Mount Frere in July and in Lusikisiki and Matatiele during August. Congratulations to the priests for the preparation work done with the candidates. It is very good to see at Lusikisiki that the candidates had to go through three examinations before being accepted.
We are making plans to build a Bishop’s House at the Cathedral in Kokstad and to make the present Bishop’s house into a skill centre and pastoral centre for the diocese.
9.     We congratulate the churches and priests who have completed the building of new churches at Makwaseng, Diamond, Ngozi and Mkata in Lusikisiki. We are still building at Mngeni, Chibini and we will start soon at Lukholweni and Qawukeni in Lusikisiki. We also congratulate Fr Francis that the church at Nqume is soon opening.
10. Hopefully Fr Sihle will be calling meetings of those involved in youth work and for the Amajoni over the next month. It is very important to get adults involved in caring for the youth and the children. It would be very good to have programs for young people during the Summer, the Christmas holidays.
We congratulate Fr Thabang for the work done for the Children of Mary. He was able to take many young boys to join with the Mariannhill Youth for the boys’ retreat; it made deep impression on our young boys. There are vocations but we pray and work for it. We are preparing to celebrate 125 year of priestly residence in the Diocese and 85 year of the Cathedral.
11.Fr Bongani represented the Diocese at the National Conference on Healing. The need to clarify the use of the Oil of Gladness is still being considered.
12.The Department of Evangelisation is preparing teacms with Lumko and preparing material to set in motion in the country the traing of adult Catholics in the meaning of Catholic identity with the aim of ensuring that they base their lives on the encounter with Christ.
 Saturday 3rd of October
Pilgrimage to Maria Telgte
Service                     Priest                    Choir
6:00 hrs , Penitential Service               
Fr Silindile
7:30      Indlela   yoMnqamlezo
Umhlangano weNtliziyo
Umhlangano Choir
8:30 Intshumayelo,     Mariya
Fr Bongani
9:00 Commitment to Mary
Fr Bongani
9:30 Rosary and Procession
10:30 Healing Service Benediction
Fr Thabang
12:30 Year of the Priest
Individual Parishes
1: 30   Marriage and Family
Jonathan Meth
2:00 Imvuselelo yeMihlangano
Imihlangano. MC Mr Kumalo
4:00 i Missa
Mount Ayliff
Mount Frere
1. Make sure that people arrive in time, that is, well before 6 o’clock Saturday in the afternoon.
2. Could priests be available from 6 to 7:30 to hear confessions during that time.
3 The Year of the Priest ceremony will involve the parishioners bringing their priest forward and placing a special candle reresenting him on the Altar.
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