Iindaba # 040

 1st November 2001


1. The bishop will visit the following schools on Catholic property to speak with Governing bodies regarding the maintaining a Catholic ethos.

Maria Telgte  – October 30th

St Pauls (Franklin) – October 31st

TigerVlei – October 31st

Tafeni – November 1st

Glen Edward –  November 1st

2. Holy Hour and prayer celebrating St Francis with the Daughters of St Francis of Assisi.

Maria Telgte at 6 pm November 1.

3. Funeral of Mr Clement Daki in Bizana November 3rd . He is the father to Sister Annacleta FMM and a well known Catholic Educationalist.

4. Father Mawethu, Ms Nogabe , Ms Qwebeba will travel to Port Elizabeth on the 2nd and 3rd of November to represent the Diocese in a conference regarding the problem of Aids orphans.

5. Bishop will lead Mass at Lusikisiki and Ngozi on the 4th of November.

6. Visitation of Oakford Orientation Seminary on the 6th of November.

7. The Board of Bishops meet in Pretoria from the 7th to the 9th of November.

8. Bishop will have Mass at Cerdaville and Upper Mvenyane, November the 11th

9. Father Tom , Fr Egbert will celebrate their Golden Jubilee of Priesthood in Kokstad on the 12th of November. With them will be Fr Richard Kugbeh-Kasin who will celebrate his Silver Jubilee of Priesthood.
There will be concelebrated Mass to which all priests are invited on the 12th of November at 11am.
All brothers , sisters and priests of the diocese are invited. Lunch afterwards in the Bishop’s House.
10.   The parish celebration for the Silver Jubilee of Fr Richard Kugbeh-Kasin will take place at Matatiele on the 18th of November.
11. The Diocesan Pastoral council will meet on the 24th of November in Kokstad. The Chairperson is Fr Bill, the meeting will begin at 9 am in the morning Saturday. Each parish should send three deligates. On the Agenda will be the election of Diocesan Pastoral Executive Council and a discussion of Catholic Marriage and family.
12. November the 25th Mr Mafunda, long-time Catechist of Bizana and Mount Frere will celebrate 50 years of Jubilee service in the diocese.
13. The Bishop will attend a meeting of Donors for Aids programmes at Esselen Park in Johannesburg on the 26th of November.
14. The Franciscan Chapter of Mats will take place in La Verna from the 26th to the 29th of November. Bishop will attend 27th to the 29th of November.
Blessing of St Francis Church December 2 at 10.00.
15. Youth Leadership training course. This will take place from the 3rd to the 7th of December at the Cathedral . Each parish is invited to send three participants. These participants should be Youth Leaders preferably coming from the same place. This will enable them to work together and animate the parish.
16. The youth retreat will take place from the evening of the 7th to the morning of the 10th of December at Cathedral.   Each parish should try and select around 15 participants. Bizana will have its own retreat as the numbers there are big.
17. The next consultors meeting will take place at Kokstad on the 10th of December.
18. Cardinal Napier will visit His home diocese on Sunday the 16th of December . The whole diocese is invited.
The Cardinal will be met at the railway line at the town entrance beginning at 9 o’clock on Sunday the 16th of December. There would be a civic reception at 10 o’clock and Mass at 10: 30.a.m.     The Liturgical reception will be followed by Lunch at 12:30.    All priests and people are invited. It would be the good idea to have early Mass at those missions which can then get to town in time.
19. The Kevelear Youth pilgrimage will take place from the 17th to the 21st of December. Fee R35. As well, they will come to Kokstad at return from there at their own expense.
21. Confirmation at St Calistus in Hardenberg on the 23rd of December.
22. Brother Vincent Bwete will be Ordained Deacon at Mount Ayliff on the 8th of January. People, especially youth are welcome.
 Vicar General of the Diocese
In the absence of Fr Sihlobo who has gone to the Holy Land for a year’s studies the bishop has asked Fr Bill Lovett , the Parish priest of Hardenberg, to act as Vicar General of the diocese in the interim.
Meeting of Priest at Coolock House 8th to the 11th of October.
1. From the excellent discussions arising from the presentation of Fr Charles Ryan, professor of moral Theology at Cedara the following points arose.
a. That while it is easy to state church morality regarding marriage and family and all related issues we must also take serious responsibility for the support of our youth. We must do so by giving them moral as well as verbal guidance. A Warm and welcoming emotional environment means that youth will have a better chance of living the ideals of Catholic living.
b. To determine the health life of a parish Fr Ryan says we must count how many healthy Catholic marriages do we have in the parish. We then discussed pastoral polices and also the Imihlangano of the diocese.
Sacred Heart are doing good work in contributing to the life of the diocese but they must also be alerted to their responsibility to contribute to the diocese financially. They should focus on Aids.   Mr Michael Khumalo of Bhongweni was elected as Chairperson this year.
Saint Anne’s:   Fr Tony reported that the new excecutive had been elected after many years. The new Chairperson was Mrs Joel from Makhobas. We should offer them calculated spiritual help and make them aware of parish and diocesan policy. We need to offer them formation in the parishes. They should specially be concerned for the Apostolate of Vocations, care of the sick, rearing children.
The young people:   Father Jose in Franklin and Sister Paulus Maria Mncwabe are the contact persons.
We must encourage each parish and outstation to have a programme for children during holiday time. They should be instructed regarding Aids. It is now a question of life and death.
Amasotshanyana had many workshops. There is a team which train our local leaders. This team can come at week-ends. And also should have a holiday time programme.
4. The Aids training : Fr Mawethu is the chairperson of the Diocesan Aids committee. The full time team is Ms Nogabe and Ms Qwebeba. There are also excellent leaders in Lusikisiki, Sister Anthony and Mrs Dweba, in Matatiele we have Lerato who is animating the programme.
There are certain funds available for this work . We also wish to train counsellors in the parishes and should select suitable candidates who knows English.
Training takes about two weeks and many Government jobs are opened to trained counsellors. Please contact Fr Mawethu or the team at the Bishop’s house regarding organising suitable people.
It is recommended that the priests call together those who are involved in Volunteer Aids work and reflect and pray with them. This will animate a great contribution to their work.
The Aids team will go to all parishes in the diocese, if invited. They also present Certificates . These has been accepted by the Government in giving people paid work on occasion.
It was suggested that Fr Mawethu give the priests a course dealing with counselling of Aids victims. This is to be arranged.
Justice and Peace
Fr Richard Kugbeh-Kasin and diocesan team attended National programs. They have worked on gender issues . They have a dynamic participatory group. The diocese needs to work out and state a clear policy on wages and working conditions of employees.
The Youth
The youth leaders training is now being re-animated. We did not have a diocesan program during this year. The present team, however, is at Ad Hoc team. We need to train full time youth leaders. We need two people from the diocese who could be properly trained to animate our youth. The contact person is Vincent Bwete.
Fr Lemau reported: We are asked to remember that there is a priest’s course of renewal in Coolock each year. Priests interested can be assisted to attend.
Vocations: Fr Bongani Mbhele at the moment is co- ordinating. The team comprises himself, Fr Richard, Fr Florian in Mount Ayliff, Sr Partricia, Sr Beauty and Sr Margaret and can be invited to speak on a Saturday or a Sunday to the Youth of the parish.
We have nobody new beginning Seminary studies this year. So we must encourage and keep contact with prospective candidates.
Diocesan Pastoral council these will meet on November the 24th at Kokstad .
Marriage Encounter
Fr Mawethu and Fr George spoke of excellent results in Bizana, Flagstaff and Lusikisiki areas. Please contact Fr George at Lusikisiki to institute programmes for Marriage Encounter in your parish.
Brother Herman and Brother Erich were doing wonderful work in developing Micro-Agricultural projects. Bro Erich was engaged in many building and water projects.
The CIE led by brother Jim was concentrating on Bizana this year with 10 schools in the district receiving helpfor their the teachers.
Finance: The bishop thanked the diocese for the great improvement in the Lenten contribution.
Bursaries  are available through Brother Allen and Lorna Wicks. There is a program of application and interview before these bursaries are given. They do not come from the church as such but are channeled through our agency.
The Aids money available for programs and for courses in your parish.
It is pointed out that the cash cheques are now very expensive.
Soup is available for hungry children through the diocese.
The diocese thanked the people of Cape town who contributed money for the poor in Mount Frere.
But we are reminded that the diocese can do much more to help support itself. Money is becoming more and more difficult to obtain. So, encourage people to give more.
Renewal of Mandates
All Parish Priests have the faculty to appoint and renew the mandate of Assistant Ministers of the Eucharist. We recommend that this appointment be for one year, renewable for five successive terms only. The mandate should be given in writing.
Mandates for Lay Ministers to conduct Communion Services must be applied for to the Bishop.
The term of office for all Assistant Ministers of the Eucharist and Lay Ministers conducting
Communion Services ends a week after the feast of Christ the King each year.
Glenmore Team. 
The 11 members of the team conduct skills training and will also offer parish renewal sessions.

Cardinal Napier’s visit

Cardinal Napier will visit his home diocese on December the 16th .

The planning committee at the Cathedral have come up with these suggestions. If you have commons to make please make them before the 12th of November, next meeting.

The Cardinal will be met at the railway line in Kokstad at 9:30 on Sunday morning. He will drive through the town on double cab bakkie. The people from Bhongweni will lead the procession infront. All are invited to be in flags and banners.    Behind the Cardinal’s vehicle there will be a procession of cars.

Having arrived at the Cathedral drum majorets will take over and lead the Cardinal to the sports ground behind the cathedral. Children dressed in white and Amasotshanyana will escort him.

Having arrived at the grounds there will be a ceremony of welcome. Involved here there will be the Mayor of Kokstad Mr Mathe, the Bishop, the Chairperson of the Diocesan Pastoral Council.

The various gifts will be presented to the Cardinal.

a. A gift of a Blanket. This will be made by one of the Parish choirs.

Then in the presentation the Cardinal will be asked to share about his childhood in Kokstad in a few words.

b. The Cardinal will then be presented with a trench coat, and this will be done by another parish choir. Cardinal will be asked to share about his school days and his vocation to the Franciscan Order and Priesthood.

Then the Cardinal will be presented with a painting of Kokstad, Mount Currie. Again this will be done by another parish and the Cardinal will then share regarding his life here as a priest and his memory of the church of Kokstad.

Finally the Cardinal will be presented by a gift of a Vestment in Red. And scarlet flowers. This again will be done by another choir. The Cardinal at this stage will asked to share a little on what it means to be a Cardinal and who a Cardinal is.

When this welcoming ceremony is complete the Cardinal will lead us in Holy Mass.   Then we will invite various choirs to lead this including the Cathedral choir in Kokstad.

At the end of Mass Lunch will be served by all and will be the responsibility of the Cathedral parish in Kokstad.

All the parishes are asked to make a collection. Sometime in November or early December and send what they can to the central committee at the bishop’s house. This money will be used for the gifts mentioned above and for the food for the day.

Do encourage all the people to attend, and all the priests are invited to a concelebrate.

There will be special accomodation for the Sisters and also for the Napier family.

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