Diaconate Ordination of Bro Phumlani Mbatha: Uganda Martyrs Parish, Kokstad

On the 17th March, a big crowd assembled at the Uganda Martyrs Parish in Bongweni for the diaconate ordination of Brother Phumlani Mbatha. It was a joyful event to the people from Bongweni and Kokstad Diocese at large. The Holy Mass began at 9h.00 in the morning.

In his homily, the Bishop explained to the faithful the meaning of the ministry for which the candidate had to be laid hands; “Diaconia” which is all about service. He also reminded the candidate to befriend Jesus, who came to the world to serve and not to be served. He also mentioned that to make God one’s friend is something very important that a person can do because it draws one closer to the path of holiness. He therefore invited the candidate to befriend God if he wants to be a holy man.

In the same regard, he urged the candidate to be a good leader. As a leader, he should firstly accept to be led by Jesus Christ, a humble and faithful servant of God. He has to follow His footsteps and lead in His manner. “If we fail to lead in manner of Jesus, we run a greater risk of misleading the people of God.” The Bishop said. He added that as leaders, our primarily role is to direct people to God.

Add to this he reminded everybody that a leader should be a faithful, humble, patient, peaceful and prayerful person. He should do everything for the greater glory of God.

By freely accepting the ministry of diaconate, the Bishop encouraged the new candidate to be a man of God by reminding him that the vow of celibacy he will be taking should help him to live a life of chastity and dedicate himself totally to God and serve Him through His people with all his heart. “Once you do things in this manner, the Lord will say to you at the end of your pilgrimage on earth: good servant come to me and enter into your father’s Kingdom” he said.

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