Bishop Zolile P. Mpambani of Kokstad Diocese presided over the Eucharistic celebration on Chrism Mass during which he gave an explanation on the meaning of Chrism Mass. “We call this Chrism Mass because it is taken after Christ”. He said. It explains also the fullness of the Bishop and his unity with the priests in the Diocese. The celebration has it origin on Holy Thursday, the day Jesus instituted the Eucharist and priesthood.

During Chrism Mass, both the oils of the catechumen and the one of the sick are blessed. He went on to say that Chrism oil is consecrated by the Bishop to anoint the Baptised and those to be confirmed. This oil should smell beautiful to show it dignity.

The oil of the catechumens is blessed and used for those preparing themselves for baptism on Easter. It gives those to be baptised strength and preserved them from evil spirit. The oil for the sick strengthens and heals Christian faithful from both spiritual and physical illness.

The oil to be used at Chrism Mass for consecration and blessing should be from the olive fruit.

During the Holy Mass all the baptised faithful and priests renewed their vows. After their renewal of vows, faithful promised to preach the gospel wherever they are (in thoughts, actions, words and life style) and to take care of the needy. They also promised to live in peace, unity and love with one another.

Turning to the priests, and after they have renewed their vows in front of the Bishop and the Church, the Bishop reminded them about the meaning of their vocation by strongly encouraging them to preach what they believe and to believe in what they preach. He also urged them to be true and faithful servants in the vineyard of the Lord bearing in mind that they were called to serve and not to be served. They are to take care of the faithful and be a sign of unity and peace among them. “The Bishop and priests are leaders of the Christ faithful. They left everything for the sake of the sheep of God. In this regard they should take a good care of them by praying and leading them to a green pasture.” He said.

The bishop also in his turn vowed to fulfil his duty of proclaiming the gospel in union with the Pope together with the Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church. He also promised to build unity with priests and Christ faithful in the Diocese of Kokstad. Finally the bishop encouraged all the faithful to pray for him and all the clergy of the Diocese to be good and faithful shepherds to take a good care of the sheep so that none of them may go astray.



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