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St Joseph’s Catholic Church Gogela is found in the rural areas of Kokstad diocese. It is one of the out stations of the Uganda Martyrs’ Catholic Parish – Bhongweni. It is located in the deep rural areas of the former Transkei homeland, Mount Ayliff municipality.

The faithful in this area are busy building the church so that they also have a good place for worshiping their Creator and pray.

What you see above is the stage of that building at the moment. We would like to thank all those who have helped us to reach this stage. May God reward you abundantly. We still need your help and assistance to finish this project as soon as possible.

We are appealing again, to all the people of good will and a generous heart to help us finish the building of this House of God. We thank you in advance for your help. Please note that God is giving you yet another chance to take part in building Him a suitable house in this rural area.

The donations could be deposited on the following account:

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church – Gogela.
Standard Bank;
Account No:30 025 979 4.
KOKSTAD 050122.

The contact person: Fr. Vincent Bwete.
Cell. 082 457 1666.

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